Banner: So long 2017 and thanks for all the fish

🇺🇸 So long 2017 and thanks for all the fish

Published at: 12/31/2017

It was good.

At the beginning of 2017, my wife and I were looking for a new apartment. Our last contract was set to expire last July, but we were unhappy with the old apartment as it was tiny and not cozy at all. We started to look for new apartments in January, and after a couple of weeks of search, we found a gem: a nice apartment on the corner of our street and within our budget. Awesome. We moved in at the beginning of February, and since that, we had sunsets like this from our window:

Work hard

The first half of the year was excellent professionally. We got into the final parts of developing AMARO's new e-commerce platform, and with that, I was able to contribute with nice stuff while learning others. We did a post about this here.

After launching it, I felt like my time at AMARO was coming to an end, it was a nice journey, but I needed a change. So in October, I left AMARO to join QuintoAndar, a nice startup that makes rental easy and cool here in Brazil.

It was a scary move in the beginning, but I feel like it was the right call. I'm working with a new group of very talented people, learning new stuff, and developing a nice product.

Coding (almost) every day

During the year, I tried to code as much as I could. Not only on the professional side, but I did some courses and developed some side projects. This is something I'll continue doing in the next year.

I feel comfortable taking a React project and building upon it, so my focus next year will be more on the backend, developing APIs, continuous delivery, and deployment as I see these stuff like things that I can improve a lot.


During the last months of 2016, I started my marathon towards a healthier diet. I plan to lose some fat during the next 6–8 months, maintain a better diet during the week, and allow some cheat meals on the weekends.

I'm not setting hard goals right now. I want to get better every day and improve my conditioning.


In December, we organized the first encounter with (almost) all players that participated in Taubaté Big Donkeys history. This was a very cool moment to meet friends again, remember some stories and play some football.

I also got a special surprise gift. My old number (#82) was retired by the team. This is something I wasn't expecting, and it means a lot to me. It's the recognition of the work I put during my time there.

I enjoyed every moment I spent there. Days like this make us proud of what we were able to build. I’m not aiming for a comeback, but we never know, right?

It was a nice year. Now, let me get back to the dinner preparation and finish my first ever beef Wellington. Cheers! 🥂