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🇺🇸 So long 2016 and thanks for all the fish

Published at: 12/31/2016

New Year's Resolution

My new year's resolution for 2016 was to be more positive overall. Not only by thinking that things would work out well, but by analyzing the situation and making the most of it.

That was a huge change for me. A couple of years ago I would get really frustrated if things didn't go the way I planned so I decided to change and "go with the flow" and be more open to letting things work out themselves.


During the first three months of 2016, I and my (then) fiancée were focused on preparing everything for our wedding. Plan A was to get married in October and we started to research prices for everything. After some weeks we saw that it was going to be very expensive and we didn't have the dream to have a huge party, so we decided to change the date to March. We opted for a small celebration with our families and some close friends.

Samara (my wife) did all the hard work of thinking — a lot, about everything, the place, details, and everything else. I just helped with some art for invites, and stuff like that.

In the end, everything went exactly as we wanted and we had a pretty good and special moment with our families and friends.


After the wedding, we had some days to rest and enjoy our honeymoon. We decided to go to Ilhabela. It is not far from São Paulo and I had never been there. It was awesome, we stayed at DPNY an excellent hotel there.

Sports & Healthy eating

Another part of the wedding plan was to lose some weight and get back on track with a healthy lifestyle. My goal was to lose 10kg by the wedding day and I was able to do it. During this period I was hitting the gym 5 times a week.

In the healthy eating department, I was able to consistently eat healthy meals during the week and have the luxury of ordering some pizza or eating some burgers on weekends. I think that this is a fair balance between healthy and fun and I will keep this trend going on the next year.

This year I also made an attempt to come back and play flag football with my friends in Taubaté. It did not work out as expected due to another injury, this time in the knee. But it had its moments. It was fun to share other months with the guys and play a bit more. I was missing that.


My goal this year was to start investing some money and I did it through Tesouro Direto. This is solid, not risky and a good way to get started on this new world. Next year I’m going to diversify my portfolio and start investing in other businesses too as I'm getting more comfortable with these things and I want to be a bit more aggressive.


In 2016 I focused on learning more JavaScript. In the last 6 months, we've been working on a huge upgrade at AMARO's front-end stack and developing a new app using the React environment. It's been fun and I was able to learn a lot with it.

I think the React environment is full of good tools and I intend to continue using it in my future projects. For 2017 my goal is to get better at using Node.

2017 Plans

Looking back at 2016, it was a very good year for me, both professionally and personally. I think I was able to achieve some big goals I had and I'm looking forward to the next year.

In the end, we're responsible for making things good or bad.

Here's to an incredible 2017 🍻