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Published at: 6/17/2016

There are several thousand extensions available for Google Chrome in its Web Store, from games to meditation and a handful of other topics and, of course, we have options that will help a developer's life. In this article, I'll list the extensions I've been using recently and why I think they're worth it.

I will come back to update this post every once in a while to make sure the list is always up-to-date.

1 Password X

My password manager of choice. it's paid but, I have been using the family plan for a while and think it's worth it. There are other options (some free) that you could choose from, but I don't know how good they are. Will keep using this one for the foreseeable future.

Adblock Plus

Nobody wants to see a lot of ads on every page, right? So this one is pretty much self-explanatory.

Awesome Screenshot

This enables you to take screenshots from pages, parts of the page, and even full-page screenshots (when the entire page doesn't fit in the screen viewport), you can also mark, comment, and contribute to the screenshots. To be honest, I haven't been using it a lot recently, but it's always there, especially for the full-page screenshot feature.

Clear cache

Clear your cache. For good.


It's a debugger for GTM/GA where you can inspect what's being passed in the dataLayer, you can see the events, the data, etc.


Cookie editor.

GitHub Issue Link Status

Add links to issues and pull requests in comments. This is one of the extensions that keeps me thinking: "why this is not a standard GitHub feature?"

Grammarly for Chrome

Being a non-native English speaker, this is an absolute must-have in every device.


Prints JSON documents in a nice way, with collapsible panels and etc.


Adds a sidebar to GitHub that enables you to navigate through the code tree and easily access a specific file inside some folder.

Panda 5

This is my home screen. It's customizable, it's connected to a ton of news feed, and serves as an inspiration to check some random Dribbble shots.

React Developer Tools

Self explanatory.

Redux Devtools

Self explanatory.

Refined GitHub

A set of enhancements for GitHub, made by Sindre Sorhus.

Tab Snooze

It's a kind of read-it-later list that you can add some pages. It has some nice option of when it should show you the page (in a day, in a week, on a specific date, on a random date, etc).